I lost something, is there a lost and found?

The lost and found is at the concierge desk. Contact the concierge for lost items.

How do I update my Key Fob # with you?

Contact the concierge.

What if I want to change date for my credit card?

Contact the concierge.

How do I cancel my membership?

Contact the concierge.

How do I temporarily suspend my membership for medical reasons?

Contact the concierge.

Can I try the club for free?

The fitness centers has complimentary 1-day pass. Contact the concierge for a pass.

Can I tour the club first?

Yes, contact the concierge to arrange a tour visit.

Do you offer spa services?

The fitness center does not offer any spa services

Do you offer laundry service?

The fitness center does not laundry service.

Can I bring a friend?

Only tenants can use the fitness center. Non-members can pay $7 to work out for the day.